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Granite Vs Quartz Counters in Visalia CA

When remodeling a home or building a new home, the choice of countertop materials is one of the most fraught with conflict. Some people think that granite makes for the best high-end countertops, while some designers think they’re overdone and swear by quartz counters. Regardless of your thoughts on whether granite or quartz counters are better, getting custom countertops from their most trusted local countertop contractors is a must.

Bella Stone Countertops: the Best Stone Counters in Visalia CA

Since 2013, we’ve been helping homeowners all over the San Joaquin Valley, California, with custom countertops for bathrooms, kitchens, and more. Let us help you choose the best countertop materials for your home or business!

Granite Vs Quartz Counters: Which is best?

When choosing between granite and quartz countertops, there are several factors to consider.


  • As a natural stone, granite is unique and provides a beautiful, upscale look in a variety of colors and patterns that’s highly prized among homebuyers.
  • Quartz has the sparkle of granite, but because it’s an engineered stone product, quartz has a wider variety of color and pattern options.


  • Granite can be more expensive because individual matching slabs need to be sourced, it is heavier, and it can be more complicated to install.
  • Quartz counters can be cheaper because the cost to manufacture the slab is lesser, as well as easier fabrication and installation.


  • Stone counters like granite are naturally hard and heat resistant, though they are porous, so staining can occur.
  • Engineered quartz is non-porous, so it’s bacteria resistant, less prone to staining, harder, and more durable.


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At Bella Stone Countertops, Visalia CA’s most experienced countertop designers and installers, we’re proud to serve communities in California with designing, sourcing, and installing custom counters.

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Best Bathroom Countertops in Kingsburg CA

California property owners looking to upgrade their bathrooms or building their dream home have so many options when it comes to bathroom countertops, it can be hard to choose the best countertop material and design. The local leaders in kitchen and bathroom counters can help!

Bella Stone Countertops, Kingsburg CA’s Bathroom Countertop Experts

In Kingsburg CA, Bella Stone Countertops is the trusted company for all your countertop needs, and we’re happy to help homeowners in the San Joaquin Valley area choose just the right bathroom counter materials for their home.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Countertops

Different materials have advantages and drawbacks for countertops used specifically in bathrooms, and it’s important to understand your options. Here’s factors to look out for when choosing your bathroom counter material.


Bathroom designs are constantly evolving, but stone countertops are becoming more popular in bathrooms, as opposed to laminates or tile, which can be hard to maintain. Granite offers a wide variety of color choices, and the smaller size of most bathroom counters makes it less expensive. Engineered stone countertop materials like quartz also provide beautiful color choices with subtle sparkle or veins in any color.


In kitchens, super hard countertops can be a problem if you drop dishes, which is less of a problem in bathrooms. However, with makeup use and abrasive cleaners, it’s important to choose a countertop material that is stain resistant and hard enough to stand up to regular scrubbing. Natural stone like granite can be a good choice for bathroom counters for this reason.

Moisture Resistance

Obviously anything installed in a bathroom will be subject to more moisture than in kitchens, with the steam from showers and water running over the material. This is why it’s important that you choose a non-porous countertop material like quartz or other engineered stone. Some countertop materials are also created to be bacteria resistant as well.

UV Resistance

Some kinds of engineered stone countertop materials will fade over time if exposed to UV rays, even breaking down and becoming more prone to breakage or scratching. So if your bathroom has large windows (or if you’re considering counters for an outdoor kitchen,) consider this factor when choosing your bathroom countertops.

Thinking of new bathroom counters? Bella Stone Countertops, Kingsburg CA’s countertop experts, can help! Call us today!

Granite Counter FAQs for Lemoore CA Homeowners

When it’s time to get new granite countertops, whether that’s a remodel of a beloved home or a brand new construction you get to make just how you like, you need a countertop company who’s trusted to source the best stone and fabricate counters perfectly.

Bella Stone Countertops has become the leaders in custom countertops in Lemoore CA and other San Joaquin Valley communities, and we’re happy to create the granite counters of our customer’s dreams.

Granite Counter FAQs

Homeowners need to understand their options to choose the right counters for their kitchen or bathroom, so let’s get into some of the most common questions about granite counters.

How do I recognize natural granite stone among all the other countertop stone options?

When choosing your new custom countertops, it can be hard to pick out real granite from advanced engineered stone slabs or other natural stone slabs, but granite has some unique properties. This stone is made out of mostly feldspar and quartz with other minerals like mica adding sparkle and color, which can range from pure white or black to vibrant reds, greens, and even sometimes blue. Unlike the veining in marble, granite has a mixed color with spots of different colors throughout and visible crystals.

What are the benefits of granite countertops?

  • Granite is a very hard stone, so it can stand up to wear and tear
  • As it’s natural and nonreactive to sunlight, it is good for outdoor spaces
  • Beautiful sparkle and color combinations, timeless design
  • A surprisingly large amount of color choices

What should I be aware of when choosing granite counters?

Granite is a porous material, meaning it has tiny holes and fissures where water and bacteria can collect if the stone isn’t sealed. Though professional countertop installers will often seal stone slabs before installation, they do need to be resealed periodically. It’s also important to bring in professionals if your granite countertops suffer from chips or cracks, as DIY repairs aren’t recommended.

Need to improve your CA home? Contact Bella Stone Countertops, Lemoore CA’s Granite Countertop Experts.

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