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Do Granite Kitchen Countertops Come in White?

When California homeowners want new kitchen countertops, granite is a popular choice for it’s beauty and durability. It can be hard to choose exactly the right kind of granite counters, though, but the most trusted kitchen counter company in California, Bella Stone Countertops can help. Let us answer some common questions about granite kitchen countertops.

Bella Stone Countertops Answers Your Questions About Granite Kitchen Counters

What are the advantages of granite counters in the kitchen?

There’s several reasons why granite is a prized countertop material, especially for kitchen remodels. Granite is cost effective, hard and durable, heat resistant, and available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Do granite kitchen countertops come in white?

There are a ton of color combinations for granite counters, but white granite is a perennial favorite because it is a neutral color that can match any decor while also reflecting light to make the kitchen seem bright and cheerful. There are lots of shades of white granite ranging from a grayish white pearl granite to a granite flecked with gold and tan colors.

What are my options for granite kitchen countertops?

In addition to color options, there are also lots of different designs for the edge of your counters that can transform the look. Waterfall counters, where the material continues down the short side of your counter space, is a popular design. White granite is also great for backsplashes.

Do white granite countertops need sealing?

Most natural stone kitchen countertops need a sealant to prevent staining and prolong the life of your kitchen counters. This can often be done by the countertop professionals who install them for a small additional cost that saves you money on cleaning later, especially with white granite.

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